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(VIDEO): Terry Fator, a former member of the AGT All-Stars, performs to Elton John’s “Rocket Man”

One of the top ventriloquists in the world, Terry Fator, won the AGT Season 2 competition. He decided to participate in America’s Got Talent: All-Stars again. It is well known that the gifted artist signed a significant contract with “The Mirage” in Las Vegas, worth millions of dollars. Terry appears to be a favorite of […]

John Melzer is a veteran of the United States military who has always said that a Christmas card from a little girl got him through the Vietnam War. John received the letter on Christmas Day in 1970, and it read in part, “Dear Serviceman, I want to give my sincere thanks for going over to war to fight for us. The class hopes you will be able to come home.” John was a 23-year-old Army helicopter sniper at the time, and the war was incredibly hard for him. “When you got up in the morning you always wondered whether you would see the sun go down at night,” John said. John was touched by the card, even though he did not know the girl. “Fact is I think it means more today than it did when I got it,” John said, adding that it was because she said thank you. John had no idea who had written the letter, with the only clue of her identity being that she signed it “DonnaCaye.” Decades later, John finally tracked down DonnaCaye Ludemann Sica, and he had the opportunity to thank her in person. “I remember writing the letter,” she said. “I was amazed that I could have the opportunity to write to a serviceman and maybe make his life a little simpler for a couple of minutes.” Social media users around the world have been touched by their reunion. “Words can be life-saving. In addition to thanking service men and servicewomen, along with the families (spouses) who sacrificed, ask them what their service was like,” one user wrote, with another adding, “There are so many sad people out there that you have to remember to say a kind word to somebody. It might be just the thing they need to survive another day!”

One person can make a difference, and a TikToker from Arizona proved it. She saw an older woman working at Walmart and approached her—it was the beginning of a miracle encounter. Carmen Kelly moved to Arizona and dreamed about retiring and enjoying her golden years. However, the 2004 relocation didn’t go as she had hoped. […]

Sriya Lenka Is Set To Be The First Indian Woman To Be K-Pop Idol As A BLACKSWAN Member

Fans of Indian and Brazilian K-pop will be excited to learn that the multicultural K-pop group BLACKSWAN is planning a return later this year in September or October. The K-pop group has acquired two new members to their already impressive lineup and is set to return with new projects later this year. Sriya from India and […]

STAYC Cancelled All Their Upcoming Activities After The Four Members Tested Positivefor COVID

STAYC’s forthcoming events, including the group’s first fan meetup named Stay Cool Party, will be canceled after four members tested positive for COVID-19. STAYC will not be participating in the 2022 Ulsan Summer Festival or Show! Music Core. High UP Entertainment, the female group’s agency, reported on August 9, 2022, that member J proved negative during […]

NCT DREAM’s Dome Concert Was Cancelled After The Member Was Tested for COVID Positive

After Renjun tested positive for COVID on July 27, SM Entertainment canceled NCT DREAM’s Dome event THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM. It was a three-night sold-out event at Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome. The arrival of Renjun comes only two days after another member, Mark, tested positive for the virus. Initially, the agency opted to […]

Brady Ebert A Founding Member Of Turnstile Has Left The Band

Turnstile told followers of the decision through an Instagram story on Friday, August 12, writing: “Turnstile and guitarist Brady Ebert have split up.” We are appreciative of the time we spent together. Our affection for him endures, and we wish him nothing but the best in the future.” Ebert hasn’t said anything about his resignation […]

Justin Kuchta Was Charged For Threatening A Congress Member Via Emails

On Tuesday, September 9, 2022, federal prosecutors accused Justin Kuchta of Maryland of threatening the life of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The US Attorney’s Office announced the case in a statement on Wednesday. While prosecutors did not reveal Ted Cruz’s identity in the statement, they did state that criminal charges had been brought against Kuchta, […]

Maxwell Frost Became The First Gen-Z Member Of Congress

Maxwell Frost, an American activist, just won his bid for Congress in Florida, becoming the first Gen-Z member of the House of Representatives. In a speech to his followers, the politician stated: “Florida Central” My name is Maxwell Alejandro Frost, and I will be the first member of Generation Z to serve in the United […]